Publican Quality Meats boasts traditional items butchered in-house, breads, cheeses, a full café menu and evening private dining.

The "Meat" of the Operation


The Butcher Shop

At Publican Quality Meats, we strive for quality in all facets, from the products that we carry to the service that we provide. We use small, local, organic farms whenever possible and source all of our products from the most credited suppliers.

-- BOVINE --

We offer a cornfed (Slagel Farm) and a grass-fed (Belgian Blue) beef selection. We offer every part of the animal for purchase, so if you don’t see it in the case, please ask. We bring in whole animals whenever possible, so some cuts in higher demand tend to sell out more quickly. We receive beef from Meyer Ranch, Ken Keherly Farm, Slagel Farm and Perkins Farm.

 -- SWINE --

With pork, we aim to have a minimum of two selections, but can have upwards of four to five. Like our cattle, we generally only bring in whole animals so even it’s not on display in the case, it may still be available. We receive pork from Crawford Farm, Slagel Farm, Ken Keherly Farm, Hometown Sausage, Becker Lane Organics and Faith’s Farm.

-- LAMB --

We always have lamb on-hand and order them whole as well. Racks and legs are very popular, so we do supplement them with additional cuts. We receive lamb from Pine Oak Farm, Tamlyn Farm and Crawford Farm.

-- FOWL --

We offer chicken and duck regularly. We always have our Publican-marinated chickens, and most of the time, carry whole raw birds. We age our duck with a touch of brandy to enhance their already rich flavor.


We so take special orders with a 24-hour advance notice – even if it’s a product that we don’t regularly carry, we can always connect with a farm to inquire about a special need. Please give us a call if you have any questions and we’ll put you directly in touch with a butcher. (312) 445-8977


We make all of our sausage in house from scratch. The list of offerings changes from time to time, but we will always have the following on-hand:

-       Cotechino
-       Lamb and Pork Belly
-       Morteau
-       Mettwurst
-       Spanish Chorizo
-       Mexican Chorizo
-       Merguez
-       Blood
-       Toulouse
-       Boudin Blanc
-       Maple Breakfast


Our charcuterie program is continuously evolving, although you can anticipate many of the following items to be readily available:

-       Salumi
-       Pate
-       Terrine
-       Gallantine
-       Deli Meats
-       Confit
-       Rilette
-       Ham
-       Offal
-       Bacon
-       Meat Pie

The Café

From breakfast pastries and a full-service barista to sandwiches and charcuterie, Publican Quality Meats offers a café menu available for guests to enjoy at the shop, or to take away for breakfast or lunch on the go.

The Market

In addition to the meat selection, Publican Quality Meats offers an array of boutique retail items, such as olive oils, preserved tomatoes, spice blends, artisanal cheeses, seasonal produce, craft beer and old world wines.

With close to 200 retail items, Publican Quality Meats provides goods that may be otherwise difficult to come by, as a well as the convenience of a single destination for those looking to fulfill a grocery list.

825 W. Fulton Market Street
Chicago, IL 60607

Mon-Sat: 10:00am - 6:00pm
Sun: 10:00am - 5:00pm
Lunch everyday starting at 10:00am

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